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  • All communication pieces and/or campaigns in which real, wild animals are forced to take part will be entered by the festival organisers. These pieces must also comply with all the following requirements and with the general conditions.
  • Communication pieces and/or campaigns that do not violate the Animal Welfare Act and those which respect animals will not be registered.
  • If, after receiving the prize, the parties responsible make a written undertaking to refrain from using wild animals in their productions, they will be withdrawn from the Wild Advertising Awards.
  • All communication pieces and/or campaigns using 3D recreations of animals, dummies/models, retouched photographs or other techniques that do not involve abuse of real animals are automatically disqualified.
  • The prizes in the festival will be awarded in the following categories:
    • The most brutal international advertisement. This will be awarded to the best advertisement featuring a wild animal.
    • The advertisement featuring the largest number of wild animals. The prize in this category will go to the communication piece featuring the largest number of wild animals.
    • The most brutal brand. This will reward the brand's trajectory using the largest number of animals.
    • The most brutal agency. Agencies will also be rewarded for thinking up ideas featuring wild animals.
  • The festival organiser will not accept pieces and/or campaigns that do not exploit wild animals or animals that have been removed from their habitat or which have been raised in captivity for purely commercial purposes. Neither will the organisers accept communication pieces or campaigns featuring wild animals that have not been subjected to stress or physical distress. Communication pieces and campaigns that do not feature animals which have suffered from depression and whose rights have not been violated will not be considered.
  • The jury will award prizes based on significant animal exploitation and lack of creativity.
  • Communication pieces and/or campaigns in which animals are forced to engage in unnatural behaviour or to adopt postures which are totally alien to their species will receive special consideration from the jury.
  • Communication pieces and/or campaigns featuring wild animals in serious danger of extinction and animal trainers renowned for their use of cruel techniques will be given special consideration.
  • The organisers recommend that you attach a 'the making of' video to communication pieces and campaigns showing the animal trainer's behaviour to authenticate the pieces.
  • Positive consideration will be given to communication pieces featuring animals whose living conditions when not filming does not permit their basic natural, physical and social behaviour.
  • Communication pieces and/or campaigns must be accompanied by a report of the level of sedation administered to the animal to guarantee good results from the shoot and/or photo session. You will also be asked for a certificate of claw or fang mutilation or jaw dislocation, according to the species.
  • Materials and documentation submitted about the wild animals featured will become part of the festival archive. Participants authorise public and private exhibition and streaming of the communication pieces presented and their editing, distribution and sale. They may also be included in compilations of festival content.


There is no charge for entering communication pieces or campaigns for a Wild Advertising Award.


The organisers of the awards will be entirely responsible for compiling all types of materials proving the use of wild animals in any type of format.